Feb 15

WSOP 2008 Main Event – Episode 16 1/5 (World Series Poker)

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Jan 15

Roland De Wolfe has cemented his reputation in poker

The poker casinos have been a significant stepping stone that many players have relied on to climb up the ladder while getting richer and richer.

English poker players have been among the most accomplished at the global level and have left an international tinge at high-profile events. Roland De Wolfe is an English poker pro and has played widely at home and overseas leaving an enviable record.

Though he has not won incessantly, his intermittent wins in a wide array of events have played a major role in cementing his name as a reputable poker player from Britain. In this vein, weighing his rich poker resume, one cannot deny he shares the top hegemony with other renowned players from his country. Continue reading →

Jan 15

Daniel Negreanu Celebrates 6th Bracelet Reflects on Career

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Jan 15

Huge schedule declared for European Poker Tour Event, Malta

The very first European Poker Tour in Malta gathers an impressive sixty-seven-event schedule and it also promises to keep people entertained with its countless cash games and special events that would be available non-stop during the fest.

Running 18th to 28th March, 2015, at Portomaso Casino in St. Julian, EPT Malta Fest targets to not just become one of the grandest stops of the Season 11 series, but of the whole tournament circuit. The whole action-filled calendar of tournaments declared on Thursday by PokerStars events that the room is more than determined to do anything to gather as many poker players as possible to Mediterranean island.

European Poker Tour President Edgar Stuchly told that Malta is a magnificent place for an EPT, and they expect a huge participation numbers. Following talks with poker players as well as fellow colleagues, they decided that it was time to add an exciting and fresh stop to EPT schedule.

Along with a €5300 Main Event all set to run between 22nd March to 28th March, the fest would include other top events like 2 high-roller tournaments for €25500 and €10300. Since European Poker Tour Malta replaces the Sanremo, Italy stop, the fest would merge with the PokerSars, owned Italian live poker series, Italian Poker Tour. The heavy schedule of events would also feature €1100 IPT Main Event, the €2200 IPT High Roller and the €330 Malta Cup.

Dec 14

WSOP 2011 Main Event Final Table 9/9 – Heads Up Part 2/2

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Dec 14

Sean Jazayeri a player of great significance in Poker

Sean Jazayeri is a player of great talent and intelligence. He is not just good player but has many records and different game positions in his name. He is a great player of the game. He is the player who has make changes in the games. He even likes to play online games in various trends. He defeated David sans in 2012 with huge difference. He is player who likes to play poker game at local as well international game.

He started playing poker at very early stage. He is a player who plays game of poker from his childhood. His excellence is because of his game and his practice he takes efforts for playing game. The important thing about this player is that he makes game for fortune. He is player who has large fan followers. He started playing at very less age so his audience was surprised. He started his career in early stage. Sean was star poker player in the game of poker. HE is a player who has wonderful skill set that helps to tackle the opponent player in the game of poker. Making opponent vibrant with his skills is major goals when he plays the game of poker.

Jazayeri remained into top five young professional poker players to claim his first Poker World Tour title. He is player who likes to play online games. He is a player who plays online cards as well with the game of poker. He is the most recognized player as well as great fan following. He is player which includes many cashes as well events on his game. With playing game he likes to play for charity. He is player who likes to play game for many events at international level.

Nov 14

Emotions run high as poker pro Daniel Negreanu throws all hi

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Oct 14

WSOP 2014 – Event 11 – Final Table – Part 1

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Sep 14

WSOP 2014: Chad Brown Honorary Bracelet Ceremony

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Sep 14

Darvin Moon, a player of the greatest dynasty in poker games

A player who had a very bad financial condition, and instead of this situation he has reached the apex. Darvin Moon is born in a small village of Oakland. He is born in the year 1963 on the first of October. His greatest achievement was that he was runner up for the tournament of ‘World Champion of Poker’ in the year 2006. Due to this tournament, he was on the lips and talk of many players as well he had great fan followers. The turning point for Darvin Moon was this ‘World Poker Championship’. He lost the wheel island tournament for two times. He was the winner for the third time in this tournament.

Darvin Moon had taunted by many of his competitors for his lack of experience and poor skills he used to play the poker game. With the very poor financial condition this player made his life in the field of poker game. He had criticized by many of the commentators. Darvin Moon played games in most domestic poker games. He was a player of great enthusiasm and dedication even his skills have neglected by many of experts from the poker game. In the year 2010, he joined hands in the online poker game and promoting this poker game. Later he was the brand ambassador for Heart Poker. He played a vital role in this casino as well as poker games.

He promoted the heart poker game in nooks and corners. In further years he started playing poker games in Oakland and left his international poker games. He worked hard throughout his life to his passion and loved poker game. ‘Luddite Logger’ was his nickname due to his game. He also refused to sign many companies for contract basis. He was a player of rich stature in poker game even though criticized by many expert players. He is the only player who has not signed any sponsorship deal for any company.