Apr 14

Phil Ivey and Viktor Blom isildur1 WSOP 2010 Europe PART 3/4

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Mar 14

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Feb 14

Most Disastrous Loss Ever

Tom Dwan has been understood to be one of the most forceful and reckless poker players in the human race, and his mind boggling sways are the testimony to his skill and potential talent. Recently in a reputed social networking site, he claimed that he had received the most disastrous loss ever.

This might seem scary but this is the truth.

Now, that the comment made by him deals with his loss in poker and not loss of any dear and near one suggests that he had to loss an almost immeasurable sum. Dwan is indeed a recurrent contestant in the most high stakes games of cash in Macau. He is also known to play the nose bleeds on Full Tilt on regular basis.

The report from Highstakes DB has confirmed that Dwan has won a tiny sum of around $70,000 over the past week online. Therefore, his claim of losing disastrously may refer to the live games against wealthy businessmen who belong from China in the previous Portuguese Colony. He just confirmed that he had just got back to Macau.

However, Dwan has not made it clear till date about how much he had lost. But it is estimated that loss might be greater than $2 million provided his statement is true. When Viktor 1 “Isildur” Blom in the year 2009 was leading in the poker fraternity, Dwan was supposed to lose around $2 million – a huge amount in a single sitting to the former. Since then, this loss has been considered one of the bad losses for Dwan. With this one, he received it for the second time.

Therefore, it can be deduced that the amount of biggest loss ever will much larger than $2 million because there have been reports that figure might be worth around $3.8 million.

Fans of Dwan need not to worry for the veteran gambler always has been able to overcome such turmoil. Let’s keep the fingers crossed.

Feb 14

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Jan 14

WSOP 2013: Daniel Negreanu’s Trailer Tour

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Dec 13

Implement these Strategies

Poker is a very interesting and mind exercising game. You can have lots of fun while playing this game and also you need some strategies to win the game which helps in exercising your brain. To increase your chances of winning, techniques and strategies are very important. It is true that everybody plays this game with the intention of winning. However, only few people become successful in this intention. If you don’t win often in this game then here are some techniques that might be useful for you. Go ahead and check these strategies and techniques if you are a person who is crazy about playing pokers.

The very first strategy to learn and implement in this game is to value your own position. In the poker games the position is a very important factor. Your positioning helps to relate the time which is actually required to take action in hand. For an example, if you are positioned at the first place for a game which is flop. Then you will have to bet for the first time. Such a situation is called early position. And if you are betting in last then it is known as late position. Positioning is a very important factor because you get to know the moves of other people playing with you.

Your betting decision also involves the process of positioning. If you are familiar with the strategies of other people then it becomes easy to decide about the positioning in poker games. So keep your positioning strong in the game to increase the chances of winning. Next strategy which will be helpful for you is reading. Position techniques when mixed with reading gives you lot of benefits. What you are required to read is the style of your opponents. Reading doesn’t mean that you will have to look into the cards of other people.

Dec 13

WSOP 2013 – Main Event Final Table Part 6 World Series of Poker 2013 (LIVE)

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Nov 13

Barny Boatman Wins His First WSOP Bracelet

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Oct 13

WSOP 2013: Event #13 Champion Mike Matusow

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Oct 13

Fredy Torres

Fredy Torres is a Colombian; he is a legendary poker player in his native local community. His fans keep track record of his online winning results and even about his latest news. Now he is all set to mark his presence and name at the global scene along with his achievement as online pro poker player of elite team. He studied and learned medicine from University, but now his target is to become best pro poker player and so he is focusing fully on being pro poker player, and presently he is turning his games strategy and love towards cards into a highly profitable carrier.

Currently, he is playing whole range of online cash games and limits at PokerStars, but usually he plays and founded playing $1/$2 and $3/$6 No Limit Hold’Em at the tables. Torres made move towards scene of live tournament and event, and cashed from some of the biggest PokerStars events. He was a member of the team which stood 4th at the Americas Cup of Poker in the year 2010. He even finished the event of Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT) at the leg of Argentinean at 20th position. At present he is looking forward to expand his results which he gained when he was a member of Online PokerStars Team.

Torres is willing to become much better poker player by taking teaching lessons from his fellow team mates. Apart from playing online poker games at PokerStars, he loves to play sport games and even enjoys studying different languages. He is even passionate about environment and so promotes for save the planet and create environmental awareness, additionally be aware that he does the environmental promotion for the cause of charity. Torres is a member of Online PokerStars Team and he plays online poker games by using nickname of “SirFreddy83” on the screen of online gaming poker site.