WSOP 2013: Event #13 Champion Mike Matusow

Recreation raise Movie Rating: five / five

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  1. I LOVE U MIKEY !!!!

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  3. hes still drunk from the night before

  4. Congratz Mike !

  5. Oh Mikey, he wears his emotions on his sleeve on and off the table.

  6. seriously though fuck… though to be fair it just sounded like one drunk idiot 😉 fucking love mikey

  7. Omg tell those idiots in the back to shutup

  8. shuhaib hassan salim

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  9. So coked up

  10. Anyone think Matusow looks like a sex offender?

  11. safety dancerz123

    Does PUGGY NEUTRON really exist?

  12. safety dancerz123

    I can’t find PUGGY NEUTRON on Google. Seriously.

  13. really?

  14. Best. T-Shirt. Ever.

  15. Anthony Vickers

    nice1 mike ..YOUR TIME man

  16. hell yea mike

  17. shipped it. congrads Mike!

  18. Congrats on #4!

  19. Mike is one of the best Hi/lo players in the world. Too bad he used to spew his bankroll and had a big ego that prevent him from improving his game in NLHE and PLO losing a ton of money. But for hi/lo he’s one of the best. No doubt about that.

  20. DG1entertainment

    Fuck ya mikey!!!

  21. hershysquirts187

    Good job Mike.

  22. Mike is awesome

  23. Was shocked he won. Good job man

  24. Hahahah

  25. Where is Iveymatusow? lol