2011 42nd Annual WSOP “World Series Of Poker” EVENT #:55 The Poker Players Championship Part 1 of 2

Game elevate Online video Rating: four / five

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  1. 35:20 to 37:50 That Jack Link Wild Card Hand shocked Lon and Norm!

  2. 20:00 Any diamond but the 4 would help Glantz…

  3. Pearce Blankenship

    not that anyone cares, but at 9:00 i was thinking wouldnt it be funny if the 7 of clubs came up and it just gave him a lower full house. then it did.

  4. alexnzxVersion2

    12 bracelets….

  5. Hey MusicalB0y, maybe you should learn some poker before you make a post like that. There are DRAWS on board but no possible made hands beyond a set or bigger two pair. Even with him having BOTH draws Hellmuth is a 58% favorite. Phil also has terrible etiquette, as pointed out by Lon.

  6. 24:19, “heart, accccccccccccccccce” lololol

  7. flush draws, straight draws… it’s a good fold IMO. dangerous board for two pair. stop pretending you’re an expert when you have no profit whatsoever at poker

  8. shut up glantz you pussy

  9. ‘proud to be pakistani’ wow. really? why exactly?

  10. Did you seriously give away the final standings in the description!?!? On a part 1 of 2 video, where people might press “Show More” to find a link. Wow. Good production values.

  11. He outplays himself because he has no guts, folded two pair because he somehow convinced himself he was behind.

  12. massimo Incalcaterra

    Yeah no balls, just 11 bracelets….you?

  13. Glantz become a bitch over an honest mistake by Minh, then get booted next play. LOL

  14. Hellmuth has no balls whatsoever