$35 Hand Of A Poker Player Made Her Win Million-Dollar

At the SkyCity last night, there was a lucky poker player from Auckland present who turned a $35 hand into more than a million dollars. She won the event and claimed the prize amount which is the largest. He won one of the largest-ever progressive jackpots at a New Zealand casino. The gaming staff said the winner goes to the casino with her husband once in every couple of months, she hit the jackpot with a Royal Flush and was quickly handed a cheque for the amount $1,108,585.60.

On the Caribbean Stud Poker, She placed $35 total on a single hand and was dealt a Royal Flush. The odds for the same are 649,740 to one, and she won the whole jackpot. The Group chief operating officer (GCOF) Michael Ahearne said when the win happen the whole casino staff were over the moon. He said “This is surely a case of right place, right hand, because for more than seven years, the progressive jackpot has not been this big.”It is really superb to see a simple player walk away with such a big amount in a single hand,” he said. “This win news has staff buzzing and the whole staff is talking about the same for the whole day.”

The supervisor of the casino said at the time, the poker table was full and all the other staff and players were extremely happy for the winner. Even the winner was in shock after the winning the hand and claiming that big prize amount. He further added that “The winner gave a small amount of money to all the other players present at her table, showing a lovely gesture,”

The Caribbean Stud Poker (CSP) is based on traditional ‘stud’ poker. In this game individuals are dealt one hand of five cards and they play opposite a house to achieve a five-card poker hand higher than that of the dealer.

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