Daniel Negreanu WSOP 2 2012

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  1. you went there lol

  2. Daniel! Hit the gym! 😀

  3. The only thing i got out of all this is that Howard Lederer is a knob polisher….

  4. selbsts’ dick is bigger than negreanu

  5. I highly doubt Daniel gets upset by random people talking crap on YouTube. They do it to everybody. C’mon! You think all vegans are softies. Daniel is made out of steal! 🙂 I wish I had a chef like his 🙂 ………. Maybe if I win this WSOP freeroll and place 🙂

  6. well the odds that you will lose that hand were 22.47%, so, yeah, it’s not a curse, it’s just a random poker situation.

  7. I dont really care but seriously..Got the nuts before flop, the dude before me decides to go all in with like 8,9 suited and im sitting there with the AA smiling (its online tournament). Ofcourse he wins with like two pairs and he gets his second pair on the river card. And this happened twice today…

    Is it like a curse ive got or something, what are the odds?

    Bah whatever back to playing poker

    Awesome videos btw

  8. No new “weekly rant” Danny? Looked through your latest uploads and didnt see it. I understand the wsop is going on now though

  9. daniel sponsor me 100 dollars plz my nick name is ; readerroy ty daniel for sending

  10. would be awesome to see you every night during the WSOP giving your play by play day by day in such a big tournament.

  11. yeah he can’t hear you, he’s too busy being a superior human being

  12. awesome vid =] got my sub…what is the future of online poker? i think its best it stays away but thats my view (eventho i playD online)

  13. dont listen to the hate focus on n play well GL

  14. would you be interested in steaking a 1k event for 70% of a cash?

  15. You seem to be obsessed with gayness are you a closet gay?

  16. gayest fucking poker player ever

  17. you are so gay

  18. We WANT more videos from you Daniel !!!

    😀 Greetings from Romania !!!

  19. U look better with ur tash

  20. Daniel, if you could answer this for me, I’ll be really happy 🙂 (If you guys could thumbs up just for the reason that he can easily view this, It would be really appreciated 🙂 ) Daniel, did you ever play poker at malta, or with any maltese poke players? Or have you ever came to Malta? Thanks, I’m a huge fan of you bro! 🙂

  21. Daniel which events are you playing during WSOP? Do you have a list of scheduled events somewhere online in which you plan on participating?

    I’m playing event 21 June 10-13, getting my feet wet, 1K NLHE, I know big players might see 1K as too low stakes but I hope you along with other celebrity players will join us not so high rollers. Good Luck on the felt!

  22. his resemblance to Edward Norton is uncanny.

  23. i appreciate this. thank you for the time.

  24. well hat suck daniel, thats like going to a shoot out with a cow boy load in your revolver.