High-Stakes player Terrence Chan chews over on newest MMA victory

Terrence Chan, the high-stakes cash game player, was the champ in a mixed martial art battle previous month in Manila, his 6th career battle in his quest to 1 day compete in Ultimate Fighting Championship. Terrence is now 6-0.

Chan, who weighed in around hundred and twenty five pounds but also battles at hundred-thirty-five, took no harm in his speedy submission win, a tear under the banner of World Series of Fighting Global, that as per him, is regarded either the number two and number three mixed martial art promotion after the UFC.
In spite of his full-time MMA developing, the thirty-five year old still competes hard at World Series of Poker in Sin City Las Vegas. Still, he is looking for his 1st bracelet, but he does have thirty cashes there lifetime as well as over US$1 million in lifetime event earnings.
Recently a leading poker news site had a chat with Chan and he told that at this point of his career, each battle is really biggest. There has always been many unknown when they are talking regarding the regional level. One might just finish battling someone well below your skill level, or one might be battling the next coming of Jon Jones. Therefore, he is super happy with his performance to win in the first round without taking damage.

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