Omaha poker experiencing new popularity

No matter which type of Omaha poker you get engage in, you can get tournaments and cash games every day of the week. With their recent popularity explosion, you only have to drive to your local casino or card room to be in a game. Whether you are an advanced player or a novice, Omaha game is there for you.
At the Hollywood Park Casino in California, Corey Silver, the Tournament Director, created the only Big O (5-card Omaha) event in Los Angeles. The weekly US$ 2500 guarantee event took place on Saturdays at 3 pm features a US$ 60 buy-in for ten thousand chips as well as one US$ 60 rebuy for fifteen thousand chips.
Players play fiften minute levels. A US$5 event food voucher or US$10 cash game food voucher legitimate the same day till midnight is a great benefit for the players.  The event players get a double jackpot slip good for just that day.

In Las Vegas, The Orleans Hotel and Casino poker room manager told that the Orleans is highly regarded as the spot to play Omaha in Las Vegas. They presently spread $4/$8, $8/$16, and $15/$30 Omaha 8, as well as an occasional $4/$8 Omaha Hi only game. They also have Omaha ‘Pay it Forward’ promo. Players get cash for flopping quads as well as making a Royal flush in Omaha. Along with this, flopped quads and royals would trigger a Pay it Forward hand in which the next pot’s high hand winner has a scope to win up to US$ 1000.

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