Phil Ivey and Viktor Blom isildur1 WSOP 2010 Europe PART 3/4

Sport raise Online video Rating: four / five

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  1. These dudes need to learn to close their gobs when they’re chewing..

  2. Ferhan Mahmood

    Lee looks like like a blow fish.


  4. DocSpratley33

    ya man that was strange

  5. 2 gars du team winamax a la table … whaouh

  6. TwistedMetal32

    Wow what a terrible bet by Corkins.

  7. If that pot amount was correct then it means old mate bet 55k into a 39k
    pot. Hoyt has read the over bet as an Ace and went for some value. Still,
    I’m leaning towards checking also

  8. DocSpratley33

    dude bets quads on the turn after the other guy was leading into him?!?!
    wow wtf man

  9. Michael Roberts

    Great bet Hoyt!!!!!

  10. phil ivey was knocked out in part 2… so wtf… retarded title eh?

  11. KristaL Mac LeoD

    lol 4 and a q lol

  12. Fleyshman looks like a stupid ape chewing with his mouth open