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Nov 16

PokerNews Cup winner

The PokerNews Cup was a new event held in North America this year.

It was organized at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa. At this event Ryan Van Sanford was the lucky one to claim the title. He won the event as well as won the prize money of $68,676. Being 23 years of age, he comes in from the state of Colorado. He played between 120 players at the tournament, which was a $2,150 buy-in format. His overall earnings in tournaments have gone up to $900,000 as a result.

Van Sanford was able to defeat Dominic Picnic who was the chip leader on day one. The battle between them lasted for about 45 minutes. Van Sanford moved at all when Picnic revealed that he was holding A of Hearts and 2 of Diamonds and raised the stakes to 150,000. Picnic then made the call and that put an end to his participation. All the chips were then moved to Van Sanford. Van Sanford was definitely elated with the win. Continue reading →

Jun 14

NEW WSOP 2012 E14 Main Event Day 5 World Series of Poker➤100% Rakeback

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Feb 14

NEW WSOP 2012 Main Event Final Table Part 3 World Series➤100% Rakeback

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Sep 13

WSOP ME 2012 Final Table – All the eliminations

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Feb 13

WSOP 2012 E17 – Main Event Day 6 World Series of Poker 2012

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Dec 12

WSOP 2012 EP15 – Main Event World Series of Poker 2012

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Nov 12

WSOP 2012 E21 – Main Event Day 7 World Series of Poker 2012

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Aug 12

WSOP 2012: Sam Stein on his way to the WSOP National Championship

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Aug 12

WSOP 2012: Karina Jett Facing a Tough Table

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Aug 12

Antonio Esfandiari outplays an amatuer at the WSOP 2012

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