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Feb 14

Most Disastrous Loss Ever

Tom Dwan has been understood to be one of the most forceful and reckless poker players in the human race, and his mind boggling sways are the testimony to his skill and potential talent. Recently in a reputed social networking site, he claimed that he had received the most disastrous loss ever.

This might seem scary but this is the truth.

Now, that the comment made by him deals with his loss in poker and not loss of any dear and near one suggests that he had to loss an almost immeasurable sum. Dwan is indeed a recurrent contestant in the most high stakes games of cash in Macau. He is also known to play the nose bleeds on Full Tilt on regular basis.

The report from Highstakes DB has confirmed that Dwan has won a tiny sum of around $70,000 over the past week online. Therefore, his claim of losing disastrously may refer to the live games against wealthy businessmen who belong from China in the previous Portuguese Colony. He just confirmed that he had just got back to Macau.

However, Dwan has not made it clear till date about how much he had lost. But it is estimated that loss might be greater than $2 million provided his statement is true. When Viktor 1 “Isildur” Blom in the year 2009 was leading in the poker fraternity, Dwan was supposed to lose around $2 million – a huge amount in a single sitting to the former. Since then, this loss has been considered one of the bad losses for Dwan. With this one, he received it for the second time.

Therefore, it can be deduced that the amount of biggest loss ever will much larger than $2 million because there have been reports that figure might be worth around $3.8 million.

Fans of Dwan need not to worry for the veteran gambler always has been able to overcome such turmoil. Let’s keep the fingers crossed.

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