WSOP 2013: Daniel Negreanu’s Trailer Tour

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  1. Lol I eat marijuana

  2. yeah, only professional athletes need protein :genius:

  3. i need to eat healthy like the kid

  4. protein and don t make sport hahahahahaha

  5. Daniel got laid. she said she’d be knocking on his door and his smile got
    so wide. good for them both 🙂

  6. i just had some carrot juice it was yummy

  7. i would eat/live like this if i had the money, its nice

  8. As he said: it gets cold, so he needs them if his nose starts running.

  9. anyone notice the box of tissues next to the bed..

  10. cool

  11. I love how a guy who is electively renting a trailer worries about the
    energy use of his toilet .. yeah ..

  12. Im in love

  13. “Real romantic… me and Vanessa Selps” lmao.

  14. Mr Negreanu, what are the wipes for on the left (my left) side of the bed?

  15. “this is where the magic doesn’t happen” lol , nice one Daniel.

  16. go home ninja, you’re drunk.

  17. U.S.A. toilets doesn’t have two buttons on their toilet? I thought
    everybody in the world had that. Except Japan, their toilets got like a
    billion buttons 😛

  18. Vegan power ! 😀

  19. that would be insanely boiling hot in vegas

  20. Kale chips! hahaha, remember he had those in the last ‘Trailer Tour’ video

  21. he means in the poker room.

  22. I beg your pardon? Why a personal attack against me? I said nothing
    offensive to anyone so I don’t get it. Still wtf. 🙂

  23. anyone that concerned with living forever could not possibly be to much
    fun, risk is part of life, you might say poker is risk not really, smart
    poker has no risk

  24. Gaylord

  25. yes he looks like shit doesn’t he, i like him though, vegan what horseshit
    really, i would rather be dead, he really looks unhealthy and maybe 15
    years older that he should, all i eat is pussy and burgers works for me