WSOP 2013 – Main Event Final Table Heads-Up Part 2 World Series of Poker 2013 (LIVE)

Game raise Video clip Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Heads Up Part 2

  2. 3439

  3. pretty lame that they can tell the others the previous hands.. ruins a core
    basic of the game imho

  4. at 13:19 would you call Farber’s bet of 24.5 Million into a pot worth
    nearly 63 million? it is courageous play from Farber. 

  5. Farber 4 bet pre-flop up 2 8.8 million,bet 7 million flop, 14 million turn,
    and bet nothing
    on the river? A true champion would fire the 3rd barrel because did he
    really think he could win with a pair of 4’s. A 30 million bet on the river
    would of won,because Riess would still would have 80 million, if he folded
    to that kind of river bet. And Farber would have 115 million.Call 30
    million (river) with just JJ, and if your wrong only have 50 million left?
    The better player won this tounrney NO DOUBT …

  6. less and less view when it gets closer to the final table. 70,000 compared
    to 280,000 view when the world series of poker. true fan watch from start
    to finish. yup

  7. Josue Vasquez

    Farber’s table talk of ” I had six high” was pretty funny, he didn’t seem
    to be needling. They were gonna know either way.

  8. If you look at the poker tells on Farber uses his right hand side to bet
    when he is bluffing!! He normally uses his left hand side to bet.

  9. Thanks for uploading !

  10. agiantbluewhale

    seems kind of dumb that the audience is allowed to communicate past hands
    to the players. completely changes the mood of play.

  11. great hand with 65

  12. :)

  13. Walloficecream

    27:00 Any hand can by played? How do you misspell be? Somebody get the
    typesetter some English classes.

  14. A4 fail, shouldve folded pre

  15. Roberto Di Fruscia

    Farber has a tell. He splashes his chips when he bluffs.

  16. god sakes take the freaking gum out!!

  17. Lol 27:00 any 2 cards can by played??? 

  18. Michael D'Amato

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  19. why would it not make sense to check call the flop and then check raise the
    turn when the flush draw comes if you had trips?? i think it makes sense.